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C & C Company was founded in 1979 and is a family-owned company that serves Vacaville, CA community.

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Chimney Sweep

C & C Company has been one of the leading chimney sweeps in Vacaville and has earned a reputation for reliable customer service since 1979. We specialize in wood stoves, and our team routinely prepares homes and businesses for the winter with an extensive cleaning.
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Wood Stoves

At C & C Company, we work with fireplaces and woodstoves, and we offer a full range of services for Vacaville, California home owners.
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Fireplace Installation

C & C Company only works with fireplaces and has offered quality installation, maintenance and repair services since 1979. We are a full-service company and routinely work with new construction projects and home renovations.
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C & C Company offers cleaning, installation and maintenance of Vacaville, CA chimneys.

Welcome to C & C Company

C & C Company has specialized in the maintenance and inspection of Vacaville fireplaces and wood stoves since 1979. We have earned a reputation for quality, and we work with residential and commercial clients on a regular basis. Our services are the proactive way to ensure the health and safety of your family, and our team is fully licensed and insured for your protection. We have a range of services, and our team is devoted to accurate inspections for homeowners considering an upcoming real estate transaction. Chimneys are subject to wear over time, and lack of maintenance is a leading cause of home fires. We make sure your home is in great shape before you make a purchase.

We also offer a full range of maintenance and new installation services for residential property owners. As part of our routine maintenance program, we provide cleaning services to remove any creosote or debris that is built up inside your chimney. During our cleaning, we will note any minor damages that may have occurred during the year and develop a plan to remedy any problems. New installations are another of our featured services, and we can provide more details about the energy-efficient products that are on the market. For more information on our installation, inspection, maintenance or cleaning services, feel free to contact us.